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CoolVu and DefenseLite Come Together To Deliver Security to Texas Elementary School

June 12, 2023

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CoolVu and DefenseLite Come Together
We will never forget when 19 children and two adults were killed last year during a school shooting incident at Robb Elementary in Uvalde County, Texas. Following the tragic increase in school shootings, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) mandated that each school district adopt new safety standards, which include security film installations on ground-level windows, glass doors, and windows near doors.

School Window Protected with DefenseLite
Schools across Texas are racing to meet the TEA's August 2023 deadline to plan and procure contractors to upgrade their windows and glass doors with entry-resistant films.

Recently, CoolVu of San Antonio Hill Country received a call from a local elementary school regarding outfitting their school with the best defense system possible. The school security coordinator, Jerry B., spoke with a CoolVu representative about their requirements and the approaching due date set by the TEA.

The CoolVu rep scheduled a free security consultation the following day with a technician named Chris, who showed up to assess the school for vulnerable entry points to review their exact safety and security needs.

After a tour of the school, Chris and Jerry discussed available options. Jerry understood the TEA mandate and knew that security window films could delay entry into the school, which could buy first responders time to arrive and allows those inside to seek shelter. He was also aware that no window film was truly "bulletproof," so he wanted to explore other avenues of defense that went beyond the TEA's minimal criteria.

Security Window FilmChris introduced Jerry to DefenseLite, explaining that CoolVu was an authorized dealer/installer. He said DefenseLite is a clear polycarbonate security glazing system that's 250 times stronger than glass and can be installed over existing window and door glass to create a resilient layer of protection. Chris assured the school security coordinator that this product could significantly delay and, in many cases, prevent forced entry into the school.

After viewing demos of DefenseLite in action and listening to Chris, Jerry was sold. He realized it was the perfect solution and a happy medium between standard security window film and bullet-resistant glass. He asked Chris to set up a date for the installation as soon as possible.

Chris scheduled the project for the following day and showed up on time with another technician, and they got to work. The two technicians began at the school entrance, installing the DefenseLite system on the ground-level windows and door glass. Jerry periodically checked to see the progress and was impressed by what he saw. Aesthetically, the DefenseLite system looked great. Beyond that, he was confident the school would be secure, giving him relief.

When the installation was completed, Jerry and other school officials toured the grounds to see the results. They were satisfied with the quality of the work and felt confident DefenseLite would provide more than adequate protection for the school's students and faculty.

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We're also an authorized dealer and installer of the advanced DefenseLite security system designed to deter, delay, and prevent intruders from entering your property. Ideal for schools, churches, government buildings, and other high-probability targets, DefenseLite is a powerful and effective solution to securing your space.

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