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CoolVu Transforms Lincoln Properties' Lobby With Stunning Architectural Finishes

May 31, 2023

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A property management company, Lincoln Properties in San Antonio, was looking for a way to spruce up the lobby for one of their locations. The office building was home to companies that worked with many high-profile clients, so Lincoln Properties wanted to make the atmosphere as inviting and elegant as possible.

Architectural Finishes Intsalled by CoolVu
One of the ways of doing this was with architectural surface finishes, which they've used in the past. These films are a cost-effective and sustainable way of changing a space's appearance without undergoing expensive and time-consuming remodeling services to achieve a freshly-renovated look.

Jack, the Lincoln Properties manager, was familiar with CoolVu because he'd used them several times to install window films, wall graphics, and architectural films. In this instance, he wanted CoolVu of San Antonio Hill Country to apply architectural finishes to transform the drab lobby into a more upscale one.

Jack called CoolVu and scheduled a free in-person visit to have a technician come out and help find the ideal solution. He enjoyed working with CoolVu during the on-site consultation phase because the techs were highly-knowledgeable, gave expert advice, and had an eye for design.

A technician named Chris arrived on the day of the consultation. Jack walked him through the office building lobby to explain his vision. Chris took notes as he pointed out the areas the company was interested in upgrading. He had a few suggestions along the way, and when they finished the walk-through, Chris showed Jack some samples of various architectural finishes.

The manager's main goal was to project a professional and luxurious personality to the area. They viewed wood grain, stone, metallic, and matte finishes to determine the best option for the lobby. Jack chose a dark charcoal grey-like wood grain pattern for the lobby's elevators and doors. The two agreed that wood grain would complement the other elements of the lobby's layout. Chris scheduled a date with Jack to come back and get started.

Black Architectural Finish on ElevatorChris arrived two days later and brought another technician with him to tackle the project. They applied the finishes to the elevators first. It didn't take long to see how much of a difference the new look would change the lobby's appearance.

They did the doors throughout the lobby next, which looked plain, flat, and yellowish in color. The new wood grain finishes matched the elevators and created a cohesive aesthetic in the hall. They continued working throughout the day, applying films to several elevators, walls, and doors. When the job was done, Chris and his partner began cleaning up.

Jack toured the building and admired the results. As always, when he worked with CoolVu, he was impressed by the craftsmanship and professional results achieved. The architectural finishes transformed the space, seamlessly blending functionality and design. Jack's experiences with CoolVu consistently showcased their expertise and dedication, adding value to the property and ensuring future collaborations.

Renovate Your Space With a Stylish Architectural Finish

If you want an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to make your interior spaces look completely different without remodeling, CoolVu has the solution.

Our architectural films come in various styles, including metal, wood, glass, leather, and textures, that let you change your building into an architect's dream. You can literally transform any surface into something spectacular overnight. They're an ideal way to update walls, cabinets, furnishings, and other interior fixtures quickly and economically.

In addition to beautiful architectural finishes, we provide custom window and wall graphics and window film engineered for privacy, comfort, or security. No matter what your needs are, we have a solution that fits your budget.

Call CoolVu of San Antonio Hill Country at (830) 714-2535 or fill out the form on our contact page to transform your most valuable space!

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