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Local San Antonio Office Improves Aesthetics With CoolVu Architectural Finishes

August 07, 2023

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A busy San Antonio office wanted new carpet throughout their building. As the carpet was installed, it became apparent the doors would need to be refinished too. The new carpet was gray with geometric patterns, which gave the building a modern look and added brightness to the space. The dark brown doors simply did not match.

CoolVu Archictectural Refinishing
The company's owner tasked the office manager, Sheila O., with handling the project without exceeding the budget.

She turned to Google and looked for a fast, affordable way to make the doors in the building match the new carpet. She found a Reddit thread about architectural finishes. Intrigued, she looked for local companies that could install them. She found CoolVu of Hill Country in the top results and called the company to learn more.

Sheila spoke with a CoolVu representative who was happy to answer her questions. They scheduled Sheila for an in-person consultation, explaining that a technician would visit the office to show samples and make suggestions. She told Sheila it was a free consultation and that she wouldn't be under any obligation.

The consultation was scheduled for the next day. A technician named Chris arrived bright and early. Sheila took him on a tour, apologizing for the mess and explaining that they were in the middle of installing the new carpets.

Chris had some ideas after seeing the dark brown doors against the new, much lighter-colored carpet. He showed Sheila some samples of CoolVu's architectural finishes and they discussed the colors and patterns that stood out for her. She looked at various patterns and styles, including European-inspired wood grain, stone, metallic and matte finishes. Sheila was drawn to a wood grain pattern in gray that matched the colors of the carpet perfectly.

Door with Architectural Refinishing
She was excited by the new finishes. Chris complimented her on her keen eye and said he thought the finish would look fantastic with the carpeting.

Sheila was thoroughly impressed with the time and care Chris put into helping her make her decision. She was also satisfied with the available choices. She was also relieved she could have the doors refinished without going over budget, so she asked Chris to schedule a day to do the installation.

Chris made the appointment for the next day and returned on time, ready to work. The office was open for business as usual, so Chris planned his work to ensure minimal disruption to employees as he set up to start working.

The job entailed doing the lobby and several doors, including storage rooms and private offices. Chris meticulously measured each door, sanded them down to prepare the surfaces, cut the finishes, and applied them seamlessly.

Sheila and some employees walked through to see the results when Chris completed the installation. They were amazed by the drastic difference. What impressed them most was that the architectural finishes were so flawless that it looked like new doors had been installed.

Sheila thanked Chris for his professionalism and the work he'd done. She confidently told him she would gladly recommend CoolVu to anyone looking for similar services.

Architectural Finishes - An Affordable Way To Update Your Space

Architectural finishes are a fantastic, affordable way to update the look of any interior. There's no better way to renovate your home or office without spending a fortune.

And no need to worry about limited choices. Choose from hundreds of elegant or classic patterns and colors to make your space yours.

We offer free in-person consultations to help you make your choice. We'll show you samples, give you our suggestions, and estimate the cost for you, and then we'll schedule your installation and deliver the quality service and products we're known for.

If you're ready to give your home or business a new look and design, call CoolVu of Hill Country at (830) 714-2535 or fill out the form on our contact page. We'll be happy to schedule your FREE in-person consultation today!

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