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San Antonio Company Contacts CoolVu of Hill Country for Architectural Finishes

July 31, 2023

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San Antonio's thriving business community includes tech, medical, and energy industries and plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment. The city has numerous business complexes, offices, and over 1,000 manufacturing firms.

Recently, one such local business doing renovations contacted CoolVu of Hill Country to see if the company's architectural finishes could provide an affordable way to update their building.

Architectural Finishes in San Antonio
The head of the maintenance crew, Daryl G, was given the green light to work with CoolVu. He called the company and spoke with a representative, who immediately scheduled an in-person consultation to review some options.

A technician named Chris showed up at the business on the day of the consultation.

Daryl greeted Chris at the entrance and showed him around the building, pointing out the walls and columns that needed to be updated.

The two discussed what the company wanted to achieve, and Chris showed Daryl samples of the available European-inspired wood grain, stone, metallic and matte finishes. Daryl thought the range of styles and colors was amazing.

After discussing options and asking for Chris' advice, Daryl chose a light wood grain for the walls and dark gray for the columns. Chris agreed those colors would work great with the company's vision.

Satisfied that he'd found what he was looking for, Daryl asked Chris to schedule installation. There was an opening the following day, and Daryl took it, eager to get the work started so it could be finished by the deadline his boss had given him.

Chris arrived on time for the installation, ready to get started. There was renovation going on, so the offices were empty. Daryl showed up to meet Chris and stayed around to watch him work.

Chris cleaned each surface, measured, and then cut and fit the finishes for a precise fit. Daryl had questions about maintenance and cleaning. Chris explained that the adhesive was strong and would keep the finishes secure during regular cleaning. He also pointed out that the vinyl construction would make cleaning easier.

When it came time for the columns, Daryl watched Chris cut and fit the finishes. He asked questions about the material and how it worked. Chris said the finishes were thermoformable, making applying them to columns and round edges more precise.

As much as he enjoyed talking to Chris and watching him work, Daryl had to step away to take care of some other business. Chris continued working on the columns, carefully applying each finish seamlessly.

By the time Daryl returned, Chris had finished the work and was in the process of cleaning up.

Daryl walked through the building to see the results. He was impressed and couldn't say enough about how much he loved the results. The finishes were elegant and high quality, and the installation was on point, professional, and flawless. Best of all, the whole job had been accomplished under budget and on time.

Daryl couldn't believe he was looking at vinyl finishes. The walls and columns looked natural. He told Chris he would gladly recommend CoolVu to others looking to update their offices.

Let CoolVu Elevate the Appearance of Your Home or Office

Perfect for elevators, walls, cabinets, doors, fixtures, and furniture, CoolVu architectural finishes can make any space fit your personality. At CoolVu, we give you the look you're searching for at a price you can afford.

Our architectural finishes are available in various styles and designs, making it easy for you to find your perfect look. We offer free on-site consultations where our technicians will listen to your needs, show you samples, and make suggestions to help you decide.

We're so confident in our products and service that we offer a lifetime residential and 15-year commercial warranty, so you know you'll be satisfied with the results.

If you're ready to update your home or business elegantly and affordably, contact CoolVu of Hill Country at (830) 714-2535 or fill out the form on our contact page to schedule your FREE in-person consultation today!

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