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CoolVu of Hill Country Provides Beautiful Architectural Finishes for Public Service Utility Office

June 28, 2023

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CoolVu of Hill Country is known in and around San Antonio for its product quality, professionalism, and affordable glass and surface film solutions. The company provides commercial and residential services throughout the area, leaving a trail of satisfied customers.

Architectural FInishes
Recently, a major utility company contacted CoolVu of Hill Country to have them remodel the break area and lobby. The representative, Rick D., spoke to a CoolVu customer support agent and said they wanted to upgrade the building with architectural finishes. CoolVu said they would gladly send someone over for a free on-site consultation.

Chris, a CoolVu technician, visited the company and toured the facility with Rick to discuss his vision for the project. In the breakroom, Rick pointed out the large set of 2" x 2" square-inch tubing. He wanted to apply architectural finishes to them so that they'd match the wood grain design of the lobby cafe's cabinetry/decor, which another company, Millworks, would install.

Chris continued the building walk-through as Rick pointed out several doors and columns in the lobby that needed new finishes. The technician told him he could accomplish what was required and showed Rick samples of matching wood grain films.

Rick was pleased with his suggestions and scheduled a date to have CoolVu do the job. Over the next few days, Chris and Rick collaborated on remodeling the lobby areas, which would entail wrapping the tubes off-site with surface finishes and leaving the installation to Millworks.

While the tubes were wrapped in wood grain finishes, Chris returned to the utility company and started work on the doors and lobby columns, where he cut and fit each of the vinyl architectural finishes to them.

Throughout the day, Rick stopped by and was amazed by how much the finishes elevated the appearance of the lobby. The building had been in need of a facelift for some time, and now that it was happening, he was content with what he saw.

Architectural Finishes in San Antonio
When Chris finished applying the wood grain finish to the entire lobby, Rick brought several employees with him, and they were in awe at how stunning everything looked.

Chris and Rick discussed the delivery date for the tubing in the breakroom. Chris estimated the date for him and said he'd deliver the finished product as soon as it was available.

Chris dropped the vinyl-wrapped tubes off at the utility company so the Millwork company could complete the installation. Rick was more than impressed with the delivery time and the work.

Each of the 300 tubes had been meticulously wrapped and looked seamless. They were taken by the Millwork crew and installed around the upper portion of the snack bar. The finish was a perfect match for the rest of the bar. When the installation was complete, the staff at the utility company couldn't believe the results.

Rick thanked Chris for a job well done and said he would reach out to him for future projects. He also said he'd recommend CoolVu to business associates who needed similar services.

Get a New Look With CoolVu's Architectural Finishes

There's never been a more affordable or easier way to change the appearance of your home or business than with our vinyl architectural finishes. They can refresh any surface or space, and you can choose from hundreds of "peel, form, and stick" vinyl films to bring your visions to life without spending a lot of money or undergoing extensive renovation work.

If you have a home or business that you want to enhance affordably, call CoolVu of Hill Country today at (830) 714-2535 or fill out the form on our contact page to schedule a FREE in-person consultation to learn more.

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